The Purchase Price of a Siberian Husky

As for the cost of a purebred siberian puppy (or an adult to some extent)

$400-800 can get you a puppy from a pet store, the dogs usually come with papers, although the validity and accuracy of the papers are often in question (example: blue-eyed "Alaskan Malamutes" are in reality mis-papered Siberian Huskies), pet store puppies are usually NOT dogs of good quality as they often come from puppy mills where the parents are treated as live stock and not socialized well but caged and mated frequently to produce as many litters a year as possible.  The genetic health of the dogs is unknown, the pet store personnel usually know very little about the breed and you are basically on your own for any questions.

$300-400 can often get you a papered puppy from an experienced show or racing kennel, parents health, temperament and looks closely match what a siberian is supposed to be/look like; parents have been genetically tested for hereditary diseases, puppy comes with a health guarantee, the breeder usually has years invested in the care of their dogs and much knowledge about what makes an ideal siberian, the breeder is usually quite willing to answer your questions about one of their pups and siberians in general; the breeder is usually involved in the local Siberian Husky Club, the dogs are involved in dog shows for conformation (looks), obedience trials (has good manners) and/or dog sled races (the dog is trained to do what the breed was originally designed to do) <---------------- THIS IS ONE OF TWO IDEAL METHODS OF ACQUIRING A SIBERIAN.

The purchase price of a well bred Siberian spread over one year of the dog's life is only about $30/month, $1/day and that is if we only pro-rate it for the FIRST year of the new family-member's life.  Siberians usually live in excess of 10 years.

$150-450 can usually get you a puppy with or without papers from a backyard breeder.  Generally this is a pet owner that loves his/her Siberian Husky (with or without papers) and their reasons for breeding usually include:

  (a) I think my dog is beautiful (Almost ALL Siberians are stunning - not a valid reason to breed)

  (b) I paid money for my dog, I'm going to get some of it back (not a valid reason to breed, read explanation below**)

  (c) My dog is PUREBRED and has PAPERS, all I need to do is mate it with another such animal and I can make money! (not a valid reason to breed, read explanation below**)
   NOTE: the parents usually have never had their hips/eyes checked, they may not actually be or look like what a siberian is supposed to be/look like (i.e. too big, tail way too curly, feet large & sloppy, fur feathery & too long, bad temperament, may have or carry epilepsy, etc).  Anyone who wants to breed Siberians should read this FIRST:

  (d) Oops, accidental breeding, if I sell the pups I can recoup some of my expenses for caring for the mother (shame on them, they should have had their pet animal SPAYED anyway! It's better for the dog's health in the long run)

$50-100 can get you a rescued siberian from a Siberian Husky rescue organization, sometimes papered, often leash & housetrained; spayed and current on all shots, various colors and ages, rescue units usually are good about screening dogs and can tell you their habits, likes & dislikes (i.e. okay with cats, doesn't like other male dogs, okay with kids, etc)<---------------- THIS IS THE OTHER IDEAL METHOD OF ACQUIRING A SIBERIAN and may be THE BEST METHOD for a FIRST TIME siberian owner, as the dogs are usually past their puppy stage and have already received some training. Siberians are not the easiest of dogs to train.

~$50 can get you a dog from a local shelter, purebred siberians are often available (unfortunately, because people don't believe the rule to KEEP THEM ON A LEASH or TIED-OUT or IN A FENCED YARD at ALL TIMES), training unknown, health & shot status unknown

I hope this information is helpful.  Hopefully you will read this before you acquire a Siberian, but if not, perhaps it will explain why you should likely give up any thoughts of breeding your pet siberian in the future.  

Please note, we are not a breeding kennel, nor do we ever plan on becoming one.  This information is provided because WE LOVE THE SIBERIAN HUSKY BREED and want what is best for it (not because we are trying to limit competition for selling our own pups <-- which there are none).

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Ann & crew


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