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Colors of the Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky Breed Information

"Choose carefully..."

Please read about this breed before bringing one home.  

Although the Siberian Husky is one of the world's most strikingly beautiful dog breeds, this breed is rarely a good choice for a first time dog owner.

To learn more about this breed, please visits the sites that are listed below. The authors of these pages have many years of experience in owning, breeding, showing, training and mushing countless specimens of this breed.

Please believe them when they say THIS BREED SHOULD NEVER BE LET OFF LEASH!!! Siberians love to run and unless they are carefully guarded and only allowed to run free in enclosed areas, an off leash Siberian will soon become a lost Siberian...or worse.

Please do not think that if you do the training, that you will be able to trust your Siberian off leash. Siberian Huskies with Champion Obedience titles have bolted out open doors or gates... and then never been seen again by their owners/trainers.

Please look at some suggestions about what to do BEFORE, WHEN and AFTER your Siberian Husky gets loose...

Siberian Husky Required Reading

Anyone who wishes to add one or more of these beautiful animals to their family really should visit ALL of the sites below.

Please take a moment to bookmark our page so that you can easily come back to this list of links.

To ask questions and learn even more about this exciting breed,
join us and others on the Sibernet-l discussion group.

To see images of 250+ Siberian Huskies in a rainbow of colors.
please visit our Color of the Siberian Husky pages.


Now that you have read about the characteristics of this beautiful breed, if you still believe you are capable and willing to include this animal in your daily family life, please consider adopting one of the Siberian Husky Rescue dogs that are currently available. Many dogs are currently in foster homes around the United States awaiting new families to love.

All four of our dogs were rescues. Two we rescued from "dog pounds" that we lived by at the time, one we intercepted on his way to the pound (because he had become "too active" for his owners) and our newest addition needed more room to run. We have allowed our kennel to grow to its current size because the dogs do better with companionship and we have taken an interest in the sports of skijoring and mushing.

If you are an active person who would like a
companion to keep you on your toes, please visit some of the sites
listed in the Siberian Husky Ring. There you'll find pictures and
stories about beloved members of this exciting breed.

Click here to see pictures of our Siberian Huskies.

Siberian Husky Ring

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Colors of the Siberian Husky
See images of 250+ Sibes

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