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Few casual observers of this beautiful breed realize the variety of coat colors and patterns that a Siberian Husky can be. Most people seem to think that Siberian Huskies are either "Black & White" or "Gray & White". Many people also believe that all Siberians have blue eyes. None of these assumptions even comes close to the truth. (Use our Quick Reference Color Guide to show your local shelter, club or offline contacts about the many colors of the Siberian Husky).

The AKC Breed Standard allows any color for the Siberian Husky. No coat/eye pattern or color is to be seen as a fault OR as the desired appearance. Only height is a disqualification*. Long hair is a fault. (Read a thorough discussion of the AKC Standard by three Judges).

The American Kennel Club registration form only lists the following colors: black, agouti, gray, red, sable, and white. However, since the internet is a World Wide Web, I have chosen to categorize dogs according to the colors recognized by the International Siberian Husky Club and described in their book "The Siberian Husky" 2nd Edition. The section on Color Genetics is included on this site with ISHC permission.

I have created the table below to give Siberian Fans the ability to see the many different coat colors and patterns available. With some dogs it is always possible to argue what their color label should be.  Beyond that, a color label that fits as a puppy during the registration process, may no longer be 'correct' when the dog matures!  Just like a rainbow, it is often hard to tell where one color type ends and a new begins.

The color of a Siberian is the LEAST important factor in judging the quality of a Siberian.  Additionally, breeding for a particular color should be the LAST consideration when deciding upon a breeding pair.  Much more important is temperament, physical characteristics (each dog should closely MATCH the breed standard or the two dogs chosen should compliment and offset each others faults) and overall health of the breeding stock (ALL breeding stock should have their eyes and hips checked BEFORE being bred).  Dogs with a family history of epilepsy should not be bred).

This page is mostly for exposure and enjoyment.   I do not claim to be an expert authority. I have owned and rescued Siberians for a decade or so and just remember wondering when I was new to the breed, "What's a piebald?".

If you learn only one thing from our pages,
I hope you will remember to be suspicious of breeders whose webpages and advertisements focus on "PUPPIES frequently available!" or "all blue eyes" with no mention about the show or working merits of their dogs.
Go elsewhere to buy a puppy, you can surely do better! On the other hand, if the  'quality' of a dog's pedigree is not your uppermost concern, please consider giving a Siberian Husky Rescue a second chance.

We try our best to avoid linking to backyard breeders.
  However,  we certainly cannot continually monitor the homes & kennels of all of the dogs featured here. Linkage from this site does NOT constitute a breeder recommendation or endorsement in any way.


Each cell of the table below has two text lines and a small image. Both text and the image are links to further information. Below is a description of what you will see when you click on each.

If you click:

The name of the color coat pattern (i.e. Black & White), will take you to a page filled with images of different Siberians of that color.

The image example of each coat pattern (i.e. ), is our current "Featured Dog" for the color and will take you to a series of images of THAT particular dog alone. This usually includes a larger facial image, at least one full body image and a puppy picture if available.

The name of the dog shown for each coat pattern (i.e. Bonzo), will take you to the web site of the owner of that particular dog if there is such a sight available to link to.


If you would like to see your Siberian Husky added,
please send me one email message with ALL of the following:
(1) the color of your dog(s) in the Subject line (I like to update one color at a time),
(2) an image of your dog (must be a similar quality as the ones you see here - very poor images will not be posted) and/or a link to a webpage where I can find images,
(3) the call name of the dog(s)
(4) the registered name and any title information for each dog (if applicable - NOT required)
(5) your kennel name (if applicable - NOT required)
(6) the state/country where the dogs live
(7) the web address you would like images linked to (if applicable - NOT required),


We hope that you love the beauty of this breed, but please READ about the Siberian Husky BEFORE you bring one HOME!

Failure to read about this breed prior to ownership
may lead to heartache for both the new owner and the unsuspecting Siberian!


Black & White
Black - Bonzo

Mostly Black


White - Kobuck

Agouti - Slick Willie
Slick Willie

Am./Int'l. Ch. Kossok's Thunder Cloud

Wolf Grey
Wolf Grey - TJ

Silver - Feather

Piebald - Tosch

Aus. Ch Matrak Mytarinka 

Light Red
Red - Kiska

Sable - Shadow
Black & Tan


Color Genetics

by Ginny Emrich Rice.
The International Siberian
Husky Club, Inc.
The Siberian Husky
(2nd Edition)
Used with permission.

Splash Coat


Saddle Backs

& Isabella Whites
Wooly Coat
What's the difference?
Wolly - Isis

Siberian Husky Genetics

Lesson One
Lesson Two

by Todd D.L. Woods, M.D.

  The eyes have it!
See the different
eye colors of the
Siberian Husky breed.
Siberian Husky types
Show vs. Racing
What's the difference?
Siberian Husky
vs. Alaskan Malamute
What's the difference?

Mask Patterns
& the effect of time...

Looking for a
for your Siberian Husky?

Why you shouldn't buy that puppy in the window
(Pet Stores & Backyard Breeders) If they don't show or work their dogs, question
Why are they breeding?

Kennels of Color
Stock lines which "cross"
the lines of color.

Interested in breeding?
If you don't rescue, don't breed.
If you don't breed, rescue anyway!
If you are not part of the solution,
you are part of the problem (Eldridge Cleaver)

The Purchase Price
of a Siberian Husky

Siberians have been bred for centuries to RUN and WILL RUN at the first opportunity.
DO NOT trust a Siberian Husky OFF LEASH. Be prepared, please visit the pages,

"What to do - BEFORE | WHEN | and AFTER - your Siberian Husky gets loose."

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Colorized running husky done by me to look like our original Siberian Loki.
We often grant permission to requests from other Siberian Husky sites to include our "Loki" image above, however, we request that the image is NOT to be used as part of any other site banners as it has been part of one of our site banners since 1997. The original banner only referenced 100+ siberiansBelow us an updated copy visitors may use to link to our site.
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Don't litter.  Spay or Neuter.

For additional sites related to Siberian Huskies, I suggest the links page of Barkarian Kennels and/or the Working Dog Web page.

We request that those granted permission to use our &quo

Special thanks to:

All of the Siberian Husky owners who have given me permission to use images of their dogs here. 
International Siberian Husky Club, Inc.
Permission has been granted to include the article Color Genetics by Ginny Emrich Rice, from the book titled, The Siberian Husky, 2nd Edition.

David Doncos - for giving someone new to the Internet (me, once upon a time) permission to use the howling husky background that you can see on Our Siberian Huskies page.

Deborah Premus, owner of  Boreayl Kennels  - for allowing us to use the dogsled.gif on the page for Our Siberian Huskies.  The sled was originally designed for Chatmac Harness Shop & Dogsled Suppliers.

Kristari Siberians - for allowing us to use the fence image as a background for our "What to do BEFORE, WHEN and AFTER your Siberian Husky gets loose..." series.

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* The Canadian Kennel Club Breed Standard has height AND weight as automatic disqualifications.

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