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Grey Siberians

The basic color is grey and the undercoat is usually a mixture of beige and silver.

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BISS Ch. Chouan Breaking the Waves - Taymyr Kennel - Denmark
Creuz'R (krojser)

Majorca Island, Spain
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of the guard hairs.
The color of siberians is a result of the combination of both the undercoat color and the color of the longer guard hairs.

This pup is only 4 months old in this picture. Many greys have reddish hues on them while young, but the coloring fades dramatically with age.

Am/Can/Int'l Ch. Galena Creek's I'm A Bear Too - Galena Creek - Kortar
California, USA

Brisa Yenu 
Argentina, South America

Ultimate Dream della Farha & Nally of Doghouse-Farm [Danube-Lowland]
Nally & Tim

Louisiana, USA

Ch. Syntari's Samiq - Karamad Siberians
California, USA
His red daughter - Summer

Michigan, USA

Kachesva's Traleika of Denalibelay
South Africa

 Ch. Aatukwoods Eclipsing the Sun - Aatuk Siberians
Oregon, USA

Kristari's On A Winters Day - Kristari Siberians
California, USA

Nay-la-Chee`s Cool Running Kenoia - Nay-La-Chee Siberian Huskies - Norway
Karamad Siberians
California, USA

California, USA
Ch. Kossok's Symiron Spring Fling - Kossok Siberians
Oregon, USA

Texas, USA

New Jersey, USA

Karamad's Denim & Diamonds  - Karamad Siberians
Pennsylvania, USA

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