Pet Store Puppies

Have you ever ooh & aahed at the pretty puppies in the window?
Did you ever wonder, where did they come from?
We hope you'll read & understand why a pet store is NOT a good place to buy a dog.


Below is a response I recently wrote to a "Colors of the Siberian Husky" site visitor
who was affronted that I am opposed to buying puppies from a Pet Store.

I hope that if you believe Pet Store Puppies are a *good thing*, you'll read my response too.


Thank you for writing. The point about warning people not buying from a Pet Store is because Pet Stores have one purpose in mind, *MAKE MONEY*.

Breeders who do not work or show their dogs, but breed, most often are breeding for one purpose, to SELL & make $$$$. They are not trying to produce additional members for their team, or trying to improve the genetic soundness & temperament of the breed. They are breeding to make MONEY.

They don't care if a prospective owner knows anything about the breed they are acquiring (a VERY tragic thing in the case of Nordic breeds like the Siberian Husky). A good breeder will ask prospective buyers if they are familiar with the nature of Siberians. A good breeder will offer a health guarantee and offer to take back a puppy that doesn't "work out" in a home. How many Pet Stores ask prospective husky owners if they know huskies are not guard dogs, have a high prey instinct, MUST be kept on a leash, etc.? Does a pet store care what happens to the buyer and puppy *after* the dog is sold? No. Their goal, $$$$, plain & simple.

Another problem is due to the fact that they want the largest profit margin, they will often buy dogs from the cheapest supplier. Usually the parents of the puppies that are supplied to Pet Stores have not been screened for any genetic diseases (did you read our link about breeding? There is quite a list of health problems there that are becoming more common in Siberians because of breeders who don't screen their animals prior to breeding).

Did you follow the link that I have as back up for my statement about who to buy from? It discusses where most pet store puppies come from.

Thank you again for writing. For prospective owners who are not worried about show quality, working quality or genetically tested dogs, there are HUNDREDS of Siberians in rescue. As long as people buy puppies from pet stores, there will always be backyard breeders & puppy mills who breed puppies for a consumer market. They breed for $$$, not because they have quality animals that will improve the breed. But because they have a product that sells.

"AKC" registered does not guarantee a "quality" dog. Especially when "AKC" papers are often mixed up in the process of bringing hundreds of puppies to market, leading to the sale of "blue-eyed Malamutes" & "blue-eyed, white German Shepherds"..

I hope you will visit the report on pet store puppies. It certainly doesn't diminish your love for your dogs (nor should it).

Not all Siberians can or should be show dogs or working dogs. Obviously, the majority of dogs from any breed will be for companionship (as all four of our rescues are). However, if the breeding is left to individuals who are willing to test their dogs for genetic diseases, have tested their dogs via shows and/or working competitions and who's dogs have been monitored for temperament disorders, EVERYONE wins:

The breed will improve and have fewer genetic problems & temperament disorders.

Puppies will more often be bought by people who have been informed of the breeds nature.

There will be some type of contact base for the new puppy owner who has questions about THIS breed. No vet can know ALL breeds in & out.

Ironically enough, people who buy dogs from pet stores usually pay MORE than they would for a puppy from an experienced breeder with genetically tested and show/work proven parents!!!

Woo-woos & good luck to you and yours from our household of rescued Siberians. Our rescued Siberians are certainly no less dear for how they got here. It is merely unfortunate that they were given up for adoption by people who didn't realize what a bundle of energy they were buying from the pet store or who didn't know NOT to let the Siberian loose because no one knew to warn them about that critical trait.

Take care.


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