Top 10 Reasons
You Can Tell You Own a New Siberian

by : David Susaraba


In no particular order, rank them for yourself as they fit you.


1. Your wife says you talk to the dog more than her.

2. The only place you drive by yourself anymore is to work.

3. People say they did not know your wife was pregnant when they hear you talk about your new little girl (or boy).

4. You have a new deduction on your check stub labeled Siberian.

5. You no longer have to untie your own shoes.

6. You bring home presents for the dog more often than you do for your wife.

7. You feel 18 years old again because of all the girls looking at you in your car, but it is really the beautiful blue-eyed babe next to you they are looking at.

8. For the first time in many many years you have a dedicated play time.

9. You are no longer the first one in the door, even though you are the one who unlocked it.

10. One of your favorite parts of the day is checking your Sibernet-l email.


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